Small Business Management

Preparation of monthly financial statements, including bank statement analysis and balancing operating/checking accounts, quarterly payroll returns, and consulting services are all part of the services rendered on a monthly or quarterly basis. Drafting, monitoring & updating budgets is another important process that is offered to your business. Periodic newletters keep you and your business updated on potentially significant changes in the economy and tax laws. Phone calls are always welcome and emails replied to – at no cost to you.

Our firm emphasizes services mostly to small business owners: these are companies with fewer than 25 employees and typically with annual revenues of less than $5 million. This manageable size offers a dynamic and personalized level of control.

Areas of tax emphasis include: restaurant and food service businesses, real estate construction contractors and owner/managers and related service/brokerage industries, and professional service businesses such as architects and attorneys. Services to a myriad of other types of businesses are also provided.

With typical monthly business management services, for example, we would meet at your place of business on a monthly basis, review your financial statements that have been prepared for you, draw conclusions based on that month’s performance and discuss important events and factors affecting that month and future periods. We would then strategize on achieving your tax objectives based on current tax laws and expected changes in the tax laws. These meetings are invaluable in steering a small business on the right course – and would offer useful management tools that can generate a significant difference to the bottom line.

Through mutual effort, we can strategically work
achieving your tax goals to make your business profitable and valuable.